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This Journal Is Now Friends Only

things you should know before you take the plunge:
>> I talk about the following things way too much: independent cinema; music; books I'm reading; books I'm writing; Harry Potter; anything I find uproariously funny; my sucky job; my awesome flist and the events of my life in general. I also write random stories [cookies, if you like] and post pictures that take my fancy. If you'd rather not read/see any of that, this is not the place for you.

>> Right now I'm totally into: 30 Rock, writing Firefly fic, Interpol, watching a lot of Michael Cera movies, origami, self-portraits and spending more money than I should.

>> I like people to give me feedback on my journal. I try my little heart out to answer my friend's journals, so think of it as karma. But more or less, I actually care about your opinion, so please share!

>> If you post nothing about your life in your livejournal, merely a random picture, question or meme, I may get to the point where I have to de-friend you. I don't like doing this so please bear it in mind. I like to be actively part of people's lives in my own small way.

>> 'Net speak really annoys me. So does random capitalisation and the over use of punctuation. A smilie or "wtf?" here and there doesn't bother me. Just use the English language as best you can. I'm not afraid to delete comments :)

>> Please take a minute to read my interests. If more than four match up and you think you'd like to have me around, leave a comment, friend me and we'll see how things go.



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